With the help of numerous Real Estate Professionals, we have created in-depth market guides to help you expand your regional marketplace knowledge. Analyzing every neighborhood in your market will ensure that you are buying in hot, trending markets, and passing on those neighborhoods that are on the decline.

Inner Circle Students receive a complimentary copy of our proprietary software. This extremely powerful analyzing software will help you make offers and evaluate cash flows or profit potential of any deal, allowing you to make offers with confidence.

Real Estate deals happen fast. If you think you’re about to lose or make a ton of money on a deal, you may want to get some feedback from your coach. As an Inner Circle member you will be given direct line access to your coach in the case of a real esate emergency.

You will also be given a direct email address to your coach and the Inner Circle team to field any questions that might come up.

Got a deal? Inner Circle Members can submit an unlimited number of deals for our coaches to research, evaluate, and give a thumbs up or thumbs down; reducing the unsettling feeling that comes along with making offers.

Whether it’s feeling more comfortable having a second set of eyes on your finds, or you just lack the experience to differentiate a good or bad deal, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made the right decisions.

No matter your learning style, Inner Circle Online has videos, documents and links to educate you about real estate investing. As soon as you join Inner Circle you can begin browsing our library of videos and documents, which are there to educate, automate and organize yourself and become a successful investor.

You have to start somewhere, and we have developed an intensive and comprehensive study guide to get you on the path to success. Each student will receive 6 coaching manuals to get them started. These 6 manuals cover the basics of finding killer deals, acquiring funds, managing repairs, flipping properties, and building rental portfolios.

Being a lone wolf in real estate is tough challenge. No matter if it’s a title company, bank, wholesaler, mortgage officer, plumber, accountant, website designer, etc., to be a success you have to build relationships. Good thing for you, your coach has a killer network already built up for his investment business. They are ready and willing to share what companies and contacts they’ve used to make their business a success.

Every month Inner Circle meets to discuss a variety of topics. Not only is this another way to gain investment knowledge, but you are able to ask questions, interact with coaches, and network with other students face-to-face.

Every burgeoning RE Investor needs someone they can turn to for advice and to hold them accountable for their actions. That’s why every Inner Circle student receives monthly 1-on-1 calls with their coach. Each month you’ll receive an “open book” coaching call where you can ask questions, develop strategies, or just discuss your progress. Your first coaching 1-on-1 will start within as little as 48 hours after joining.

Whether developing your investment strategy, getting advice or just talking shop, you and your coach will have time each month to make sure you’re on the path to success. If your coach doesn’t feel you are performing to your max potential they will be brutally honest with you in order to keep you on track, and hold you accountable for your actions.

It’s important to stay up to date with RE trends and strategies. Inner Circle provides weekly webinars to do just that. These training events will educate you on finding the best deals, funding deals with little to no money down, rehabbing, rentals and educating you on the most profitable exit strategies.

Weekly lessons ensure you are “in the know” with current RE topics, and strategies to help grow your business.

Every market is different, and every investor is different. That’s why you will be assigned a personal mentor, who will have at least 10 years of investing and real estate experience. Your coaches main duty; make you a successful Real Estate Investor.

No matter your strategy (wholesaling, rehabs, rentals, etc.), you will be assigned a coach that fits your needs. Not to mention, your coach will also be located in your region, and will be knowledgeable about your market, giving you a one up on any other coaching program out there.